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Origin Story

Astra began it's journey in November of 2018 as Cincinnati's first locally produced hard seltzer under March First Brewing. Our first two flavors were Tropical Punch and Saturn Peach. They were like most of your typical seltzers, not very flavorful and just plain boring.

About a year later after hundreds of other seltzers hit the market we said enough was enough. Everyone was making the same thing, you could only drink so many lemon lime, black cherry, grapefruit and citrus seltzers. We hit the drawing board and Astra was born.

Why Astra?

Astra is made in Ohio and as Ohioans we take great pride in that we have more astronauts than any other state. Ohioians have logged over 22,000 hours in space flight since the first human left our atmosphere. Our first cans featured real images from the Hubble telescope and other NASA satellites. 

What's in the can?

We were done with dull, uninspiring and overdone flavors when we set out on this mission. We wanted to make seltzers that WE wanted to drink. We thought about nostalgic flavors we liked when we were younger like Red Cream Soda, Bomb Pop, Ecto, orange Crush and more. We set out to create these unique seltzers that were packed with flavor, sweet, delicious and satisfyingly amazing. Astra was to become the seltzer for people who hated seltzer. To this day this is what everyone tells us. Throw that boring seltzer in the trash and launch yourself into orbit with Astra!

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